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About us

Ikonka dla About us
What can we do for you? 
The perinatal hospice is not a place. It is a concept of holistic care of family when the parents learn that their unborn child will  live shorter life than themselves. Those parents are mostly young, healthy couples with no disease. After the preliminary diagnosis, their world collapses, and they look for help. Before all, they want to validate the diagnosis, and they need accurate medical information. Since cardiac anomalies are the most frequent ones, they get to our Ultrasound Clinic Agatowa which is the bigger reference center of prenatal cardiac diagnostics in Poland. The physician who performs fetal echocardiography explains to the parents the medical issues, and if needed, proposes additional tests. Each consultation is conducted in presence of one of our hospice psychologists.  
Therefore, if you are with child with high probability of a severe and irreversible malformation or an incurable, life-threatening disease, we can help you! In the Warsaw Perinatal Hospice, we provide medical help, psychological and spiritual support. In cooperation with the best Warsaw hospitals, we guarantee a complex care at all stages of pregnancy. 
We offer: 
  • Full ultrasound and echography diagnostics of your unborn child, since the first trimester of pregnancy, provided by our Ultrasound Clinic Agatowa.
  • Planning of the medical care during pregnancy and in the neonatal period. After the diagnosis has been made, the patient leaves our clinic with a schedule of further medical checks, and referrals to additional tests, if needed.  
  • Genetic and neonatal consultations.
  • Professional medical care during pregnancy and after child’s birth, taking into consideration particular needs of women expecting the birth of a child with high probability of a severe and irreversible malformation or an incurable, life-threatening disease. We cooperate with three specialized perinatal clinics – Duchess Anna Mazowiecka Public Teaching Hospital, Saint Sophia Teaching Hospital, and Bielański Hospital. The pregnant woman is provided with intimacy. If the child is incurably ill the mother and the child stay in a room separated from facilities where mothers with healthy neonates are located. 
  • Psychological assistance – individual consultations with a psychologist trained in perinatal palliative care. 
  • Preliminary information regarding possible therapy of the neonate, and its short-term and long-term effects. For further medical care of the neonate, we closely cooperate with the Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw. 
  • The care of the Warsaw Hospice for Children Foundation. If the incurably ill neonate may be discharged from the hospital he/she may be provided with home palliative care. 
  • Spiritual care of our hospice chaplain.
  • Bereavement care provided by our bereavement support group. 
Our help is free of charge. The benefits that are not reimbursed by the National Health Fund are financed by the Warsaw Hospice for Children Foundation. 
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